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Coloured Sketch

Base Price €40Character studies/ rough designs available as well. starting at €60

Chibi art

Base Price €35


Base Price €60


Base Price €70

Animated works

From €100

Live2d Art + Rig
From €250

Sample Price €160

Terms of Service

- At all times I reserve the right to accept and refuse jobs.- At all times I reserve the right to share pieces on social media and showcase in my portfolio (Unless otherwise agreed upon.) This includes livestreaming.- 50% of payment is required before the work has made substantial progress (Thumbnailing stage) 50% After the work is completed. After which final delivery will take place.- Purpose of the piece must be disclosed, Commercial pieces, or pieces for various projects require further agreement.- Deadlines shorter than 14 days are welcome-- if disclosed in a timely manner.- Commissions are non-refundable, all sales agreements are final.- Failure to comply to my general terms may result in cancellation of your commission without refund. Continuous violation of my terms will result in a blacklisting

Subject Matter

- Nsfw
- Gore
- Furry
- Nsfw of Real people
- Depictions of Non-fictional violence
- Depictions of hate against PoC, LGBTQ+ ,etc.

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Feel free to send me a message any time!For commission works Make sure you include the appropriate info such as:
- The type of work you'd like and it's purpose (Sketch, Linework, painting, personal, commercial, nonprofit etc)
- As many details as you're comfortable sharing
- Reference works (If applicable)
- Your time/deadline
And I'll get back to you asap!

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Welcome to the degenerate spice corner.

Sample Price €160

When Cayden's girlfriend Larsa comes out to him as trans, he isn't entirely sure what to say, do, or think. But he's sure of one thing. He still loves Larsa regardless, and he wants to support him in every way he can through this transition-- though he does have to figure out what that means.

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